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Top 5 F1 Controversies that Rocked the Sport

Top 5 F1 Controversies that Rocked the Sport

Every sport has its own fair share of controversies. Some controversies are so big that they can even rock the foundation and existence of that sport. For instance, there are numerous F1 controversies that shook Formula One to its very core. Today, we list out the top 5 five controversies that have happened in this high speed motorsport.

Five Biggest F1 Controversies of All-time

1. Spygate­­­­­

F1 Controversies
Nigel Stepney was one of the main accused in the controversy

One of the most scandalous F1 controversies of all-time. The 2007 Formula One espionage case, also known as Spygate or Stepneygate. Ferrari alleged that former employee, Nigel Stepney, passed on valuable information to a senior McLaren engineer, Mike Coughlan. This resulted in legal action in the court of Italy and an FIA investigation into the matter. Following a criminal investigation and several FIA hearings, McLaren were fined a record breaking $100 million. They were also excluded from the 2007 Constructors Championship. The driver’s championship was unaffected as the drivers were offered immunity in exchange of cooperation. Mike Coughlan, Paddy Lowe, Jonathan Neale and Rob Taylor were fined €180,000 for the legal proceedings against them to be dropped in the court of Italy.

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