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The Top 5 Trending Football Celebrations

The Top 5 Trending Football Celebrations

Any sport involves emotions. Be it Virat Kohli scoring a century at Lord’s or Andres Iniesta scoring the winner in extra-time for Spain in the World Cup 2010 final, moments such as these are bound to be accompanied with outbursts of emotions from the players. Scoring a goal for the club he’s always desired to play for, and under specific circumstances such as scoring at home against arch rivals, is as emotional a moment as any for a footballer. Such moments bring out unforgettable celebrations from the footballers. Here’s a list of the newest celebrations that have been added to the proliferating list of unconventional football celebrations:

The Hit Them Folks:

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Manchester United youth academy star Jesse Lingard, widely known as the ‘dab connoisseur’ alongwith team-mate Paul Pogba, displayed an equally eccentric celebration when he scored a sublime solo goal on his FA Community Shield debut against Leicester City in August 2016, prior to Pogba’s move to Old Trafford. The celebration, whose picture Lingard captioned ‘Hit Them Folks’ on his Instagram account, is a dance move which involves raising the arms in a U-shape while lifting the right or left leg. Here’s the celebration:

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