Top 5 Fortnite Creative Christmas Maps

Published 12/21/2020, 6:49 AM EST

Some of the most innovative map creators in the Fortnite community have continued their awe-inspiring work even as Christmas draws closer. Owing to their efforts, players around the world have some exciting freezing maps at their disposal. From 1v1 sniper gunfights to snowball fights, these maps offer a vast variety of game modes.


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Here are the top 5 Fortnite Christmas/Winter maps to make your festive season more memorable than ever:

How to ‘Trick or Treatin!’ in Fortnite


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Gun Game: Trick or Treatin’! currently boasts the highest amounts of likes on FCHQ. As the name suggests, it is a free-for-all gun game map where the first person to get 20 kills wins.


Along with a Christmas/Winter theme, the map also has a bunch of spooky spider webs and pumpkin heads.


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Snowball Fight!

Ritual and Mackjack have created a snowy map where 2 teams with 16 players each battle it out on the snow. Players have to collect and throw snowballs for three rounds and the last standing wins.

Code– 0568-8105-3673

If a vast area with snow isn’t enough, the map has several Christmas trees and snowmen spread across:

Play competitive Frosty Zone Wars as a duo in Fortnite

The classic Frosty Zone Wars creative map is now at its best with only Chapter 2 weapons and realistic Chapter 2 terrain. The map has a winter theme, an actual moving zone, and farming rates. To keep the games intense, Shride has set a very fact-paced zone pattern.

Code– 6222-7602-3989

The map’s trailer explains why it is a perfect training ground for competitive players:

Deliver the most packages among the ice to win

While the previously mentioned maps declare a winner by combat, Squelmechky’s Snowed Over lays down a freezing path for players to deliver packages. Two teams with 16 players each can compete on the map, and the team to deliver the most packages wins.

Code– 9048-2238-7415

Take a better look at the delivery routes as showcased in the map’s teaser:

Shoot and Ski simultaneously in Fortnite

If you think that gunfights in Fortnite are not exciting enough, try taking down opponents while skiing down Mount Pike. Sunday CW’s mini-game map, Ski Shooters, contains two teams with 6 players.

Code– 1035-5206-8493

To make things more exciting, the skiing course also has a lot of obstacles and weapons for the players:


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To play any of these maps, simply load Fortnite in ‘Creative’ mode and launch a Fortnite Creative server. Find a ‘Change Destination’ console and enter the codes mentioned above.


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Would you celebrate your Christmas in Fortnite by delivering packages or shooting your opponents while skiing?

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