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Top 5 interesting facts about Manchester City

Top 5 interesting facts about Manchester City

Manchester City’s rise to the top of English football has been a fairy tale story for all the blue moon fans. But the club was not in a great position around 15 years ago. City were always overshadowed by their Manchester rivals, i.e. the Red Devils. Very less people know about the club’s history and their problems in the 20th century. Here we look at the top five facts that many people do not know about Manchester City.

5) Even a club has an origin story

The club was first named Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 for the first seven years of their history, before being named as Manchester City in 1894.

4) A Wanted and Unwanted record

In the 1957-58 season, Manchester City managed to score a staggering 104 goals, but also conceded 100 in return.

3) Money Matters

In 1906, seventeen players of the City squad were suspended due to financial regularities. This decision affected the team’s season drastically, as they finished 17th in the league that season.

2) Oldest Player

Manchester City’s John Burridge holds the record for being the oldest player to play in the premier league. The goalkeeper, who was 43 years, 4 months and 26 days, came on as a half time substitute against Newcastle United on 29th April, 1995.

1) Yet Another unwanted record

In the 1937-38 season, City became the only team to be relegated from the premiership with a positive goal difference (80-77). City also became the only team to be relegated after being champions the previous season. Moreover, City slipped down five places on the last day of the season, and were the highest scorers in the league.

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