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Top 5 ODI captains and their last series

Top 5 ODI captains and their last series

Sourav Ganguly

EssentiallySports brings you a list of top five ODI captains in cricket and their last series.

1. Sourav Ganguly


Tactically one of the finest skippers produced by India, Sourav Ganguly along with John Wright transformed the team from a bunch of raw talents to a feared and respected team. The condition in which he was handed the team and where he took the team has been an inspiration for generations to come. He has played a pivotal role in shaping India as it is today. When he was handed over the captaincy, India had just recovered from a notorious match fixing scandal which had tarnished India’s reputation. He built the team from scratch and strived for excellence every time.

However, he could have been removed from the captaincy in a much more dignified way, had it not been for Greg Chappell whose rather autocratic regimes lead to a crackdown on many senior players. Ganguly, who had been struggling with the bat during this time, became a soft target. An alleged email containing shocking revelations made by Chappell was released which was later linked to Ganguly’s ouster from the team.

Under Ganguly’s last series as ODI captain, India yet again reached the final but choked against New Zealand. The series was a triangular series played between nations: India, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. India did not play up to its potential in the series and lost to new Zealand twice and almost gave away a match to Zimbabwe. Soon after the series, Ganguly was dropped from captaincy and from the team as well and Dravid was made the captain.

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