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Top 5 One Slam Wonders

Top 5 One Slam Wonders

There are only four Grand Slams in a year that are the highest echelons of tennis. Such is their magnitude that it is a dream for players entering the tennis world to hold a Grand Slam title one day.

Since 1968, the year Open era of tennis began, only a few players have managed to win multiple Grand Slam titles. The road to win one is extremely challenging as the highly demanding game requires mental and physical exertion along with maintaining great level of consistency to beat the best players.

Many players come and go, but some endure, persevere and manage to find the edge to lift the most coveted trophy. Does this mean that the ultimate secret to win a grand slam is cracked? The game is so competitive and triumph so transient that it doesn’t take long for those players to crumble and fall back to stagnancy.  We call such players one slam wonders.

So here we pick the top 5 one slam wonders of tennis.

5) Yannick Noah

The Frenchman always produced glimpses of excellent shot making and athleticism. But it is one thing to win a point and another to win a Grand Slam.

In 1983, Yannick Noah played two weeks of high octane tennis to beat Mats Wilander convincingly in the finals of French Open  6-2 7-5 7-6.

Image Courtesy : www.memosport.fr
Image Courtesy : www.memosport.fr

Noah did have a great two weeks but never managed to reach another Slam final. His best at Australian Open was to reach semi-finals in 1990, 7 years after his historic win.

On the hallowed turf of Wimbledon, Noah failed to make an impact as he could never get past the third round.

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