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Top 5 Overrated Players of IPL

Top 5 Overrated Players of IPL

IPL is not just about the game of cricket. It also involves proper distribution of assets to the right commodities so that they pay good dividends in the long run. However, sometimes owners get fooled due to their greed for star players and spend tons of money on players who on paper might be the best but actually lack the temperament to perform. Here’s a list of five such players:

Robin Utthappa

robin-uthappa-pune_ap_630 (1)

Robin Uthappa was bought for a staggering $2.1 million by Pune Warriors India in the 2011 IPL edition. A lot was expected from the hard hitting batsman after pretty successful first three seasons. But he failed to live up to his price tag, scoring just 264 runs in 14 matches without scoring even a single fifty. He was very inconsistent throughout the tournament. This didn’t result well for the franchise as they finished at the bottom of the table consistently for two years.

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