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Top 5: Reasons why Klopp can rejuvenate Liverpool like Dortmund

Top 5: Reasons why Klopp can rejuvenate Liverpool like Dortmund

As the German landed on British soil, he knew he was being scanned. Not just by the airport scanner, but by a horde of Liverpool fans worldwide, who still couldn’t believe the man with the Midas touch was coming to join them. Jurgen Klopp, ex-Dortmund manager and present Liverpool manager, has taken Europe by storm after joining the English club after taking a brief sabbatical following his last season at Dortmund.

Choosing to be Liverpool’s next manager after Brendan Rodgers was sacked due to his poor run, the job will not be easy for him. To understand a whole new style of football, in a new country is never an easy task even for a manager. And to adapt one’s mentality and gameplay to fit the present scenario of the league is a tougher ask.

Expectations have seen a dramatic increase ever since he became the manager, and rightly so. Because he can take it. He is the one Liverpool deserves and the one Liverpool needs right now. Because he is ‘not’ a silent guardian. He’s the ‘normal one’. But we can not just assume that, can we? Yes, we can, because Liverpool and Dortmund were riding the same boat when the storm came.

We bring to you top 5 similarities in Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool when Jurgen Klopp joined the respective club.

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