Owing to the plethora of characters in MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact, players can try out several combinations while making their team.

One can always resort to some unusual combinations in the initial parts of the game; however, the bigger domains like Spiral Abyss require a balanced team composition.

In a recent video, YouTuber Gacha Gamer talked about the Top 5 teams in Genshin Impact:


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A team that fulfills the general purposes in Genshin Impact

To complete daily commissions, you can always count on a team that has an explosive damage dealer, a Cyro character, and a Hydro character.

  • Razor/ Keqing 

Both the characters can deal considerable damage to enemies. What’s more, they possess some of the strongest elemental abilities in the game.

  • Kaeya/ Qiqi/ Diona 

A Cyro character is best suited when the main DPS in the team is an Electro character. In addition, these characters can fully use the Superconduct reaction produced by the abilities of both Razor or Keqing. It is even recommended to use 2 Cyro characters in a team with an Electro main DPS.

  • Mona/Barbara 

The perfect class to support the Cyro-Electro combination is Hydro because their attacks on frozen enemies have a 15% enhanced critical rate. Electro-charged reactions deal greater damage on wet enemies.

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Pyro team

  • Diluc/Klee

Owing to their consistent elemental abilities, both the characters can act as the main DPS in a Pyro team.

  • Bennet 

Bennet is the ideal choice for a support character in a Pyro team. Along with support damage, this character can provide Pyro elemental resonance.

  • Sucrose/Venti 

An Anemo character can significantly reduce the enemy’s resistance. Hence, with the help of constellations and Artifact sets like the Viridescent Venerer, characters like Venti, Sucrose, and the Traveller can be essential to a Pyro team.

Pyro is one of the most flexible elements in Genshin Impact. As a result, you can always opt for a Hydro/Cyro character as a fourth member to trigger the Melt and Vaporize reactions.

Tartaglia as a main DPS

Tartaglia is arguably the strongest Hydro character in the game. Along with quick energy regeneration, fellow Hydro characters like Mona or Xingqiu can provide the best support to him.

  • Pyro/Electro

Both Pyro and Electro elements increase the effectiveness of the Hydro element. Hence, characters like Fischl, Lisa and Xiangling can be a part of the Tartaglia team.

Do Jean and Venti comprise the most overpowered combo in Genshin Impact?

Jean and Venti are exceptionally powerful Anemo agents. Even without the help of any other character, this combo can win a lot of battles. Jean’s elemental ability, when combined with Venti’s burst, can cause serious troubles for the enemies.

  • Electro/Cyro


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Owing to such a dominant Jean/Venti combo, players can be flexible with the other two characters in the team. However, an Electro agent and a Cyro agent can still be a primary preference to provide decent support.

Last, but not least, the arrival of Xongli and Zingyan will open up several alternative possibilities for a team. As per the speculated abilities of these characters, they can pair up with Diona and create a passive, yet powerful team.


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Which of these team compositions excites you the most?

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