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Top 5 Underrated knocks of Cricket

Top 5 Underrated knocks of Cricket

“A Stitch in time, Saves nine.” Yes, indeed that’s true and applies for batting as well. Sometimes even double centuries go unnoticed and contribution of 30 runs is considered invaluable depending upon the situation. Here’s a piece devoted to lending some fame and recognition to these valuable and underrated knocks of the cricket empire at critical times as well.

1. Courtne Browne and Ian Bradshaw


It was a cold, chilly day in the winter of 2004 when West Indies pulled off one of the most insurmountable tasks of chasing down 218 after reeling at 147-8. The protagonists of this famous script were Courtne Browne(35*) and Ian Bradshaw(34*) who showed extraordinary temperament and caution while chasing the target, despite England’s pace attack pouring fire from the other end.

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