Top 5 Underrated Tennis Players


There have been various stars on the Tennis circuit in recent years who have come and gone, but are still remembered. In this particular feature, we attempt to find Tennis players in recent times who deserved more credit than their rankings or the media attention they received. It is often based on potential and always based on what can be expected in the near future.

Here we look at the 5 most underrated Tennis players in the recent years.
#5 David Ferrer

One of most consistent performers in the Men’s Tennis arena, David Ferrer has been a regular top 10 player on the circuit. Looking at his Grand Slam performances: The Combative Spaniard, has been in the circuit with some regular appearances at the Semis and Quarters of various Grand Slams.

In the French Open of 2013, he reached the final without dropping a set but was obviously denied by the Reigning Champion of clay – Nadal. One of the primary reason for his underrated tag ought be because he hasn’t won a Grand Slam yet. Only recently has he shown to be a workhorse with marathon performances. But whenever some big player is in his quarter of the draw, it is considered an “easy outing” and also rather trouble-free which is not fair because he is a stellar athlete, and is always a contender. He has proven himself from time to time to be a constant force and threat to the big players. He has always been one of the quickest mover on the court, even now despite his age.


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