Top 5 Xbox Series X | S Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Published 03/22/2021, 1:27 PM EDT

Even though the latest Xbox new-gen consoles released months back, the market is still tight. Sony had to go through an immense rat race to acquire semi-conductors to resume console production. The supplies still have not bloomed; however, at least the production pace is slowly picking up again. Hopefully, within a month, the company will provide customers with the products on demand.


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While most customers cannot lay their hands on the consoles, if you were lucky enough to do so, here are some tips to level up your game. The surprising restocks at Walmart and Best Buy last week saw fans buying out the Xbox Series X and S within a few hours.

YouTube Channel Xbox On representing the official Xbox UK team posted a video a few hours back. The video talks about the top Xbox Series X | S hacks that make vast improvements in the gaming environment. From next-gen capability filtering through to getting the best display options for 120fps gameplay, this video is a lifesaver for fans.


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Top 5 Xbox Tips for Optimized Gaming

Xbox UK team host, Bex, takes fans through the top-secret tricks that gamers never knew existed. The power consumption in the latest Xbox Series X or S system is notable. However, these tricks can save energy while maximizing the experience. Some of these features are available on Xbox One as well.

All of the tricks are simply a few clicks away in the ‘settings’ of the consoles.

5. Display-Setup Optimization

Although the new-gen capabilities of the console are commendable, the system’s optimization with the display is equally important. Running the games on settings that are not compatible with the TV may cause disruptions and lower the quality of performance.

Solution: Settings > General > TV & Display Options

4. Filtering Games By Next-Gen Capabilities

Most games work fine irrespective of their required specifications. However, with the Filter functions, players can map out games that fit exactly into what the system is looking for. Games pop-off exceptionally well with the right settings.

Solution: Filter > Capabilities > 4K, Optimized for Xbox X | S and Ray Tracing

3. Setting Achievements, Screenshots, and Dynamic Backgrounds

Getting greeted by the warmest backgrounds every time one turns on the system is another exceptional feature. Players can personalize background live-wallpaper and themes. The Dynamic Background is the newest added feature in Series X and S.

Solution: Settings > General > Personalization > Color and Background

2. Customize The Trigger Sensitivity and More

The gamepads also come with secret settings players probably are not aware of. The Xbox Accessories application allows users to configure every detail and key on the gamepad. This feature is available in Xbox One and also Series X |S. Players can map each key to perform an unfamiliar task than the default customization. In fact, players can change even the trigger sensitivity.

Solution: Xbox Accessories App > Profile > Edit


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1. The Xbox App

Download the Xbox App on your phone for more features. The phone app comes with hoards of unbelievable functions that just make life easier. For starters, it enables users to directly access the console like a remote control. You can be in your office and download a game in the console just by a click.


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Solution: The Xbox App on Android and IOS

These cool features give an entirely new gaming experience to players. What’s better than a fully optimized game in the new-gen console after a tough day’s work?

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