In Barclays Premier League this season, the teams are trying to strengthen their squads by bringing on board some amazing attacking talents. Let us see the top 7 attacking trio that can be prove to be destructive this season.

  1. Mahrez, Vardy, Albrighton


The triad is a surprise apart from being a potential threat playing for Leicester City as they had the dream start to their campaign with being just 4 points behind the leaders. This is mainly because of the experience of last season, the triad seems to have adapted very well to the BPL. Mahrez, who has already scored 4 goals, Vardy with 1 goal 1 assist and Albrighton with 1 goal and 3 assist, quietly resemble a dark horse and if this trio can showcase their consistency, they might end up being more than just finishing in the top half of the table.


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