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Top 7 Deadline Day Deals

Top 7 Deadline Day Deals

Deadline day is the most hectic day of the year in the footballing calendar. As the transfer window heads to culmination, clubs scramble to get deals over the line. The summer of 2017 didn’t turn out to be different as the deadline day saw clubs work their hearts off to seal the players their clubs desperately needed. There were some big players making the move and here are the biggest deals Europe.

Kylian Mbappe– Ever since he took the Champions League by storm, every single top club in the continent had their eyes on the 18-year-old. The dazzling French man had attention from the biggest of clubs but it was Paris Saint Germain who got the nod for the player. The deal which is a loan deal to start off with has a provision for them to buy him next season. If the permanent transfer does go through next season it will see Mbappe becoming the second most expensive player in the world as things stand.

Source:The Sun
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