Top Manufacturer Uninterested in Racing in Formula One

November 25, 2019 4:49 pm

Earlier this year, there were rumours floating around that German car manufacturer, Porsche was interested in entering Formula One for 2021 and beyond. They even went as far as to build a 2021 F1-spec engine and tested it.

However, ever since the sports car marque ended their World Endurance Championship program, an F1 return has been thrown out of the window. Instead, Porsche is electing to focus Formula E in order to dominate the electric series.

“The gloves are off now. We have got to do our best,” said former Porsche driver Mark Webber.

Now that Porsche is a full-fledged team in Formula E, with drivers Andre Lotterer and Neel Jani, a stab at F1 is ruled out.

“It is the wrong time,” said Porsche’s racing boss Fritz Enzinger to Auto Bild: “The Formula 1 topic is really a thing of the past for us.”

At the season opening Formula E races in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, for the first time ever, the four German motorsport giants are competing with one another. Admittedly, Audi got a head-start, having been in Formula E since inception, courtesy, the Abt Schaeffler team.

However, they were soon joined by BMW, in partnership with the Andretti team. It was only from this season onwards that Mercedes and Porsche decided to join the fun. Some fans may dismiss it for the strange shrill sound and the fact that it runs on street circuits.

However, it has become a magnet for manufacturers worldwide and the grid has expanded to 12 teams. Joining the above four manufacturers, NIO, DS Automobiles, Venturi Automobiles, Jaguar, Nissan and Mahindra.

With only a handful of manufacturers in Formula One, like Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Honda, what will the future of F1 be? Will there also come a point where Mercedes will be forced to choose between focusing on Formula One and Formula E?

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