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Top NBA free agents

Top NBA free agents

With Free Agency negotiations to start on 1st July, some big names have opted out of their contracts, either to get new improved deals or seek newer pastures. So, here are the top 10 Free Agents.

  1. Brook Lopez
    Unrestricted Free Agent, Brooklyn Nets


Both the twins, Brook and Robin Lopez are free agents. Brook having had 2 serious, season ending injuries over the last 4 years was instrumental on his return for Brooklyn during the 2014/15 Season. A small injury at the start of the year meant he was coming off the bench more often. However, midway through the season, he resumed his role as a starting Centre.

He played a vital role in the late season surge by the Nets and was twice named Eastern Conference player of the week. His contribution helped Nets beat Miami and Indiana to the final playoff spot. He had a solid performance in the playoffs as the Nets were eliminated 4-2 by the Hawks. However, teams may want to fully evaluate his health to ensure he will be fit all season long if they were to sign and pay him to the tune of $16.75 million.

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