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Top Team Tweets of the 2018 Formula One Season

Top Team Tweets of the 2018 Formula One Season

Over the past few years, social media has risen to new heights. Whatever the case, this season in particular, all the Formula One teams had a whale of a time on Twitter. It gave them all a chance to exercise their funny bones.

Things ranged from funny tweets from the teams to epic twitter threads featuring a number of F1 teams. So, here are some of the best tweets by the teams in 2018.


In the wake of Carlos Sainz joining McLaren, the Renault team decided to have some fun and sent a ‘reader’s manual’ on how to handle their driver.


After the F1 Instagram handle posted a video of an ice-cream maker with his unique way of making the dessert, there were plenty of cravings. From Mercedes to Renault, Racing Point and even Sauber and McLaren, everyone was waiting to cool off.


While they were not as active as their rivals, when Ferrari posted something, it was funny.

Racing Point

The long season evidently had taken a toll on the Racing Point Force India team and they were exhausted.


The British outfit treated rugby stars, the New Zealand All-Blacks to a classic McLaren orientation.

Toro Rosso

It was time for corny jokes for the Toro Rosso team with Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley.

Red Bull

While signing autographs, Daniel Ricciardo was simply being Daniel Ricciardo.


The Swiss outfit took a page out of Toro Rosso’s book for this one.


The Williams F1 team had some Christmas-themed humour in store for their fans.


F1 journalist Will Buxton had plenty of Haas-themed puns in his arsenal and the team decided to humour him.

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