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Top Trick Shots of Roger Federer

Top Trick Shots of Roger Federer

In an era where tennis is becoming more intense and physical with serving bots and baseline defense experts making the game monotonous, Roger Federer is one who can do almost everything that is there in tennis books and more. He has constantly experimented and innovated his style to suit his age, abilities, and the generation. And to do this year after year, week after week for such a long time is exceptional, to say the least.

He never ceases to amaze the crowd with his unique and innovative shots time and again. He is an inspiration for all the present and future sports-persons. Let us look at some of his crazy and innovative shots:

SABR (Sneak Attack By Roger)                                                                                   Leave it to Roger Federer to do something on a tennis court that no one has seen before. Roger Federer calls the shot the SABR- the Sneak Attack by Roger- and that sums it up perfectly.

While executing the SABR return, he jumps into the service box once his opponent has served, hits a half volley and, if everything goes well, sends the ball flying out of the reach of his opponent for a winner or rushes them into error.

Federer says he started using it when having a hit with Benoit Paire in Cincinnati. The two of them were both tired and decided to play a quick few points. Federer took on a Benoit serve with the SABR return and hit a winner which was, in his own words, ‘ridiculous’. The Swiss said he enjoyed it so much he and his coach Severin Luthi decided to make it a feature of his return game.

See the video below to see the Sabr return in action against Leonardo Mayer in the first     round of US Open 2015. Federer used the shot three times in the game and broke Mayer’s serve.

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