Top Xbox Exec says More Expandable Storage Options Will be Available Soon

October 8, 2020 10:26 pm

The Xbox Series X and S are an impressive next-gen duo. Not only is their build quite unique, but every other aspect that comes along with them is commendable. Xbox has clearly managed to churn out a superior console with brilliant computing prowess, which is only going to benefit them in the long-run.

What’s more impressive about these consoles is how it is to use the expandable storage option. Microsoft has partnered with Seagate to make proprietary 1TB external SSDs available on day one. Given the compactness and ease-of-use of these drives, it seems Xbox has knocked it out of the park yet again. Now, Xbox’s Director of Program Management, Jason Ronald, has some more interesting news to share on the topic.

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Jason Ronald says more expandable storage options for Xbox will be available soon

Speaking to Larry Hryb on his podcast, Ronald revealed that more expandable storage options will be available in the future. “I think, over time you’ll see this is a category that’s important to us. You’ll see multiple options and different form factors and different sizes. But what was really important for us is that we had a simple, easy-to-use option available on day 1.

“You can expect to see more options moving forward.”

It was presumed that since this expandable storage drive is a proprietary option, it will be the only one available. Naturally, this announcement by Ronald changes a lot of things for other players in the market. This also opens up doors for expandable storage cards with different sizes that could vary from 250 GB to over 1 TB as well.

One notable aspect here is also that the current Seagate cards have been built using the same Xbox Velocity Architecture as the internal NVMe SSD. This makes it slightly faster than the other drives available right now. Consequently, it will be interesting to see if the other drives that come out have the same architecture. It could also be possible that they bring something entirely different to the table.

Xbox’s expandable storage option seems to be more hassle-free compared to the PS5 so far. The PlayStation 5 teardown video showcased the tedious process of installing an expandable storage drive. Clearly, Xbox takes home the win here.

More details regarding the expandable storage options for Xbox Series X and S will be available soon.

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