Toro Rosso and Williams F1 Caught Breaking Curfew Rules at German GP

By 1 year ago

Some time during the German Grand Prix weekend, the Toro Rosso team were found guilty of breaking the curfew rules in F1. According to an FIA statement on 27th July,

“Last night team personnel of the Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda team, who are associated with the operation of the car, were within the confines of the circuit during the eight hour period which commenced at 01:00 on 27 July, eleven hours before the scheduled start time of P3 and ends three hours before the scheduled start time of P3 at 09:00 on 27 July.”

“This was the first of the two individual exceptions permitted for the Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda team during the 2019 Formula One Championship season and therefore no action should be taken.”

However, they were not the only team to fall afoul of the sport’s curfew rules that day. As it turned out, the RoKit Williams F1 team were also guilty of the same offence. The FIA statement continued,

Daniil Kvyat

“Last night team personnel of the ROKiT Williams Racing team, who are associated with the operation of the car, were within the confines of the circuit during the eight hour period which commenced at 01:00 on 27 July, eleven hours before the scheduled start time of P3 and ends three hours before the scheduled start time of P3 at 09:00 on 27 July.”

“This was the first of the two individual exceptions permitted for the ROKiT Williams Racing team during the 2019 Formula One Championship season and therefore no action should be taken.”

Both teams were lucky to dodge a bullet and get away with nothing but a warning each. Coming to their German Grand Prix performances, it was a terrific day in the office for both teams. Daniil Kvyat delivered his first podium of the season, while teammate Alex Albon finished in a fine 6th place. Meanwhile, on the Williams F1 front, Robert Kubica benefitted from Alfa Romeo’s double penalty to help Williams F1 score their first point of the season. Sadly for his teammate George Russell, he agonisingly missed out.

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