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Toro Rosso Demotion Taught Pierre Gasly the Value of Teamwork

Toro Rosso Demotion Taught Pierre Gasly the Value of Teamwork

Pierre Gasly has had an up and down Formula One season, getting demoted to Toro Rosso after poor performances at Red Bull. However, since his return, his form has been on the upsurge and he has delivered excellent results.

Meanwhile, the man who replaced him, Alexander Albon, has also been putting in excellent shows. Earlier this week, Red Bull confirmed that Albon would be retained at the senior team, which didn’t surprise Gasly.

“I knew it was going to be like this,” he said. “So ultimately it wasn’t really a surprise.”

“I had discussions with Helmut [Marko, Red Bull motorsport consultant] and the team and this was something which was quite clear between them and myself.”

Pierre Gasly has also had the measure of his Toro Rosso team mate Daniil Kvyat on multiple occasions. The Frenchman confessed that it taught him the importance of getting the most out of his interaction with the team. Inputs from the team has actually helped him perform on a more consistent basis.

“The second half of the season, the main lesson on my side that I’ve learned is I realised how much of a team sport Formula 1 is,” he said. “I think that’s the main lesson I’ve learned over the last couple of months.

“We’ve showed with Toro Rosso since I returned in Spa that we have had really competitive races, really competitive weekends, a couple of Q3s, four points finishes. So it’s been a really strong second part of the season.”

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the team since I came back in Spa. They’ve given me everything I need to perform consistently every weekend, which at the end makes it more enjoyable.”

With Albon staying with Red Bull, it also means that Daniil Kvyat and Pierre Gasly were also staying put for another season.

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