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Toro Rosso Requesting Name Change to Red Bull’s Fashion Label Starting 2020

Published 09/28/2019, 4:41 AM EDT
Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso, the sister team of Red Bull has been the breeding ground of many Formula One talents. It was the team which gave Sebastian Vettel a platform to improve his skills and take the 2008 Italian Grand Prix victory (and later four world championships as well). Alongside, drivers like Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz, all have spent a reasonable time in the team. In a rather sudden turn of events, motorsport.com is reporting that the team wants to change its name starting as early as 2020!


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Toro Rosso has filed in an application to change its 2020 entry name to AlphaTauri, the name of Red Bull’s fashion label. However the confirmation is pending upon other teams for approval. Its a simple e-vote, which we doubt any team will have a problem with.

AphaTauri is one of the oldest stars in the universe and is one of the stars in the Taurus constellation. Taking inspiration from this, Red Bull launched their fashion label named after the star, roughly two years ago. And Red Bull can’t find any better way of promoting it, instead of changing an entire team’s name based on the same!


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Aside from being a training ground for future Red Bull drivers, Toro Rosso has always been a place for Red Bull to try and advertise its various products. And rightfully so, considering the team’s main intentions behind the F1 program is advertisement.

The name Toro Rosso was given to the team when Red Bull bought Minardi in 2006. Since then, the team has been racing under the same name and characteristic ‘Bull’ branding all over its car. The name Toro Rosso was given based on the Italian translation of ‘Red Bull’ in order to honour the team’s Italian background and history.

If agreed, it will be a big step for the team, because a name change bring a new identity. None of the drivers are confirmed for next season, although Helmut Marko did confirm that Kvyat will be keeping his seat. Things are looking pretty exciting for 2020 already!



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