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Watch: Toronto Fans Cheering Kevin Durant Injury

Watch: Toronto Fans Cheering Kevin Durant Injury

Kevin Durant

In any sport, there is being passionate for your favourite player or team, and then there is being a poor sport. No matter what sport it is, sportsmanship is very important for the players and the fans. Sadly, the Toronto Raptors fans ignored all that when Golden State Warriors player, Kevin Durant went down injured.

Poor Kevin Durant had only just come back to the basketball court after recovering from a calf injury. However, he tempted fate and lost the gamble, this time limping off with an Achilles injury.

As he was helped away by his teammates, the Raptors fans began to cheer and hoot in delight. Naturally, such an act, disgusted not just the Golden State Warriors, but even the Raptors players themselves. As he went off the court, a number of Warriors players and Raptors players were gesturing at the crowd to stop cheering.

Kevin Durant had been out of action for months when he injured his calf, and the Raptors game was his first piece of action. Sadly, his elation at returning to the court was shortlived when he seemingly tore his Achilles.

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