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Toto Wolff Advises Ferrari Against Reviewing Canada Decision

Toto Wolff Advises Ferrari Against Reviewing Canada Decision

The Scuderia Ferrari team have given up on appealing Sebastian Vettel’s Canadian GP penalty. However, the Italian team have adopted a new tactic to re-claim the race win in ‘rightful hands’.

“We have withdrawn our intention to appeal and are evaluating the right of review”, revealed a Ferrari spokesperson.

In other words, Ferrari are aware that a traditional appeal process would not be the right call. However, another article of the sporting regulations could allow for a ‘review’ of the stewards’ decision. This is only possible if new evidence from the offending party comes to light.

Sources say that the new evidence can range from video data to telemetry, which the concerned stewards would review in a reconvened panel.

However, Grand Prix Drivers’ Association president Alex Wurz stated: “Anyone who believes the penalty was unjustified is wrong.”

Wurz is of the opinion that Formula One’s overregulation is the root cause of the problem.

Alex Wurz

“We want rules for everything and anything, and that’s where we have arrived,” he mused.

Also, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, believes that Ferrari may be making a mistake by pushing for a review.

Speaking to Osterreich newspaper, he said, “You cannot undo the penalty.”

“The worst case would be that the stewards, after looking at the data, find that a bigger penalty is needed.

“I talked to Mattia Binotto and he thinks that would happened is not worth a 100 per cent penalty. I think he is 100 per cent wrong.

“The fact is that Vettel went off the track, looked in the mirror and pushed Lewis towards the wall. If Lewis had not braked, the two would have collided. That’s why there is the penalty.

“Ok, it’s controversial,” Wolff added. “But in our sport you do not take prisoners.”

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport Ferrari has a deadline until the French GP weekend to submit their case for a review.

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