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Toto Wolff Confirms that Mercedes F1 are Debating their Future in Formula One

Toto Wolff Confirms that Mercedes F1 are Debating their Future in Formula One

Ever since the dawn of the V6 turbo era, the Mercedes F1 team has been running rampant in Formula One, if 6 drivers’ and constructors’ championships were any indications. However, team boss Toto Wolff is still unsure about the German giant’s willingness to stick around beyond the 2020 season.

With the game-changing 2021 season looming on the horizon, there have been several discussions between Liberty Media, Formula One Management and the 10 F1 teams. However, the new Concorde Agreement required compromise from the ‘big’ teams to make F1 more competitive.

Naturally, Mercedes were always going to be affected the most by any potential changes that could be introduced soon. So, this has cast a lot of doubt about Mercedes F1 and its longevity in Formula One, especially since they have other projects running simultaneously.


Speaking to Motorsport.com, Wolf said: “It is an issue that we are currently discussing with each other. With an emphasis on ‘being’. These conversations have not yet been completed.”

It is worth noting that Mercedes have a lot to lose from the 2021 changes since they have several back-to-back drivers’ and constructors’ championship doubles. However, on the other end of the spectrum, Toto Wolff is staying positive and is sure that Mercedes will remain as a part of the Formula One fraternity.

Is Formula One the future that Mercedes seeks?

In late 2019, Mercedes officially joined the all-electric series, Formula E, and is one of the four big German manufacturers, alongside Audi, Porsche, and BMW. Technology is advancing so much that there is a danger that fossil fuel could become obsolete and Formula One can only evolve so much. Could we be heading to a future where there will n longer be Formula One and only Formula E? How will the board split their resources between Mercedes F1 and Mercedes FE? Will one have to be sacrificed for the other?

Mercedes’ Formula E beast
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