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Toto Wolff worried as Hamilton Struggles

Toto Wolff worried as Hamilton Struggles

With just a single win in three races, triple world champion Lewis Hamilton is definitely struggling to find pace in majority of the races. The Brit lost the win to Vettel at Bahrain and Australia. Mercedes teammate, Valtteri Bottas, clinched the win in Russia. With fans perplexed, Mercedes principal Toto Wolff had to come up with a statement.

According to Wolff, though the issue will be fixed but it will take time. Wolff adds, “why we couldn’t get the car in the right window so he could feel comfortable with it – there are no magic bullets to understanding that, just a lot of hard work and attention to detail. We must give him (Lewis) the tools he needs to do the job in the next races and that will be a big focus for us.”

Toto Wolff
There is no quick fix: Toto Wolff

It is interesting to note that Mercedes expects no miracles in Spain either. In a highly diplomatic answer, Toto says, “Barcelona will be interesting as our pre-season was not spectacular in Spain, it’s a very different track to Sochi and we’ll be running with harder tyres. We are taking this season one race at a time. If we deliver the best possible work from Friday onwards, then we’ll be ready to win and fight with Ferrari”

The lack of pace does raise more questions. Is it possible that without a bitter-competitive rival Hamilton found in Nico Rosberg has lost his edge? Or is it just that Mercedes as a constructor has lost its edge after the new regulations? Is it a combination of both? If Hamilton keeps struggling while Bottas outperforms every expectation, will there be a change in driver rankings? Have Mercedes even decoded the issue? How fast can Mercedes bring out new upgrades that keeps them competitive for Ferrari?

All these questions, and more, can not really be answered just yet. It will be interesting to see if Hamilton catches on or Vettel wins a fifth world title. It will be interesting to see Bottas continue his winning streak, or we just might see Max Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo enter the equation. Guess we will just have to wait and watch.


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