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Tottenham Vs Liverpool 1-1 : Talking Points

Tottenham Vs Liverpool 1-1 : Talking Points

One of the biggest games of the season ended in a draw as James Milner’s penalty was cancelled out by Danny Rose’s close range finish. The match was full of entertainment as both teams played an attacking style of football with many chances coming each others way, and yet none of the teams were able to break the deadlock until a penalty was given to Liverpool. Lamela tripped Firmino just inside the box and James Milner sent Vorm the wrong way to put the Reds in front. Liverpool had themselves to blame as they missed plenty of chances that could have easily put the game to bed in the first half itself but ended up losing 2 crucial points as Spurs crawled their way back. Let’s look at the main points of the game where it was won and lost.

1. Vorm is not the one for the bench



Vorm totally showed today why he should be starting games ahead of Hugo Lloris as he saved his team time and again and kept Tottenham in the game. Vorm had to make up for the defensive mistakes as at times he had to come out of the penalty area to stop the Liverpool strikers from having easy chances. He stopped Mane twice in Neuer-esque fashion, and made up for Jan Vertonghen’s mistake as well by saving Coutinho’s shot early on.

He could have done better with the penalty though but had a rock solid game otherwise. He made save after save as Liverpool started dominating the proceedings and playing really well on the counter. Liverpool would have scored at least two more goals hadn’t it been for him and his good understanding of the game. This performance is seriously going to cause a headache for Pochettino when Hugo Lloris comes back.

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