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Never Seen Vettel Like This: Timo Glock

Never Seen Vettel Like This: Timo Glock

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock says he feels for Sebastian Vettel.

Although delaying Lewis Hamilton’s 2018 title win for now, German Vettel’s campaign nonetheless continued to fall apart in Austin as he spun early in the race in a clash with Daniel Ricciardo.

“This is the third time. It should not be this way, especially because we should have taken better advantage of the weaknesses of Mercedes,” the Ferrari driver told the German broadcaster RTL.

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel said he is at least happy for his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, who ended a long winning drought.

“It was a tough week for the team. Only for me does the hard time seem to be not over,” he explained.

Glock, now a pundit for German television, says that amid continuing criticism of Vettel, he feels for the quadruple world champion.

“You can see that it hurts him. I know him and I’ve rarely seen him like that.

“He needs to find the reset and start again. The small mistakes must stop. The fact that Ferrari is back on Mercedes’ level must at least give him a boost,” he said.

Now, Vettel’s chance of winning the championship is well and truly over unless something dramatic happens in Mexico. Hamilton needs to DNF in all three races and Vettel needs to win all three to seal the championship.

However, the chances of that happening to Hamilton is very slim indeed. So in other words, Vettel will have to probably look towards 2019 for a chance to win his 5th title.

Many experts and former F1 drivers hope that Vettel will come back stronger next season. Also, in 2019, he could have his hands full with fresh blood in the other Ferrari seat.

So, how will the 2019 F1 season pan out? Will it be another year of Mercedes domination or will Ferrari and Red Bull take the fight to them. Will Renault, with Ricciardo and Hulkenberg, join the party. Finally, what of Kimi Raikkonen, who will be in Sauber?

Timo Glock
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