“Toxicity Is Viewed as Funny”- Fortnite Pro Quits Game

July 14, 2020 11:25 pm

Once again, we have an instance of a Fortnite pro quitting the game because he was utterly fed up with various aspects of the game as well as the player base. Calum “itemm” MacGillivray has been a part of the Fortnite competitive scene for a long time now. But recently, the former Eleven Gaming player announced that he will be quitting the game. According to him, Fortnite has gradually become less competitive over the years. Itemm also says that the player base (and he means the pros as well) is immature and toxic.

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Itemm is not the first pro to make this decision and quit the game, and perhaps will not be the last. A chunk of its player base, including some of the top names, has been part of the exodus from Fortnite. The majority of this chunk went to Valorant when it came along. Valorant has been making pretty good progress on its path to become a successful eSport. The game is almost ready to have a thriving competitive scene and they are on their way.

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Itemm expresses his discontent at Fortnite

In the Twitlonger post, the former pro makes it very clear that it did not sit well with him how the game aged. He says that the game kept getting more casual with every update. He emphasizes that he does not like how Epic Games treats the competitive aspect. Itemm recalls his first break in the competitive scene with the ESL Katowice.

“We had a good plan going into the event and were feeling confident after a lot of practice at our spot… I get a message from Tommo that a new update had been released and a BIG F–K OFF VOLCANO got put over our spot so we are going into the tourney without a plan… This is really where my discontent with how Epic runs competitive really started.”

Does this ring a bell? It might because this is an opinion shared by a lot of pros out there. Remember when Tfue called Fortnite the worst game to play?

Itemm has expressed his discontent with the Fortnite community as well.

“Most in the community are either literally a kid or in maturity. Toxicity is viewed as funny in this scene and it just got to a point where I couldn’t be bothered putting up with the immaturity and toxicity.”

Here’s an observation: A lot of Fortnite pros are fresh young guns who have made it big in a rising scene. Now that does tend to breed some arrogance in young minds. But here’s the thing, Itemm is young as well. As for immaturity and toxicity, well, Fortnite drama is kind of a regular occurrence.

“The next part of the community I really have a distaste towards, is I’m sorry to say, how the pros conduct themselves. People really don’t understand the influence and how much of a role model they are, or should be, to people.”

Not all of it is ‘no love’ from the former pro

While bidding goodbye to the game, Itemm thanked a bunch of pros for being with him through his journey with Fortnite, including his former team, Eleven Gaming. His tweet got a lot of replies showing him love, including a lot of streamers and other pros.

Here’s a fun fact before ending this: Kinstaar quit Valorant to come back to the Fortnite scene a while ago. Now, Valorant has made a community focusing on both the competitive and the streaming aspect of the game. It may be an unpopular opinion, but the FN community meta seems to be more inclined towards the streaming aspect of the game rather than competitive. And we’re not saying that’s bad.

What do you think of the current competitive scene in Fortnite?

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