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Tributes Pour In on Twitter for the Late Reckful

Tributes Pour In on Twitter for the Late Reckful

These are sad days for the gaming community. Popular streamer Byron “Reckful” Bernstein passed away at the age of 31 on July 2, 2020. He was famous for his achievements in World of Warcraft. The streamer even had a great following on the Twitch community. His sad demise has left Twitch users shocked.

Reckful is a former Esports pro who quickly rose to fame on Twitch. He even had his own gaming movie titled ‘Reckful 3’ released back in 2011. He was also a top contender for the Major League Gaming’s tournaments for many consecutive years.

Reckful passes away at 31

Reckful was found dead in his apartment on July 2nd. The news was confirmed by his girlfriend and roommate. Just hours prior, Reckful had posted a tweet giving people a hint of what his state was like. 

Streamer and Reckful’s friend Bluegoesmew had also posted a tweet that stated she tried to help but fell short of doing so.

Many from the community paid their condolences to Reckful. You can read some of the tweets below.

Streamers also hosted World of Warcraft in-game memorial event for Reckful.

Streamers form an understanding

It is absolutely essential that in dark times, people need to stand together. Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Esports Insider Rod Breslau took their stand. They deleted and apologized for their earlier tweets about fellow streamer Alinity.

Previously Rod Breslau and Ninja had brought out many instances of Alinity being accused of animal abuse. Alinity in response had called Ninja ‘The most toxic person in gaming.’

Now, with all that’s been going on, both parties have realized their mistakes and have apologized to each other.

It is heartwarming to see streamers standing together through such moments. The passing of Reckful is indeed painful and we offer condolences to Reckful’s family and friends.

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