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Triumphant Toronto Raptors to Meet Prime Minister Trudeau

Triumphant Toronto Raptors to Meet Prime Minister Trudeau

Following their NBA championship win, the Toronto Raptors were on cloud 9 as they were paraded around the city. Now, Raptors head coach Nick Nurse has revealed that a meeting with CanadianPrime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the cards.

Interestingly, the Toronto Raptors coach has said that there is no word from the White House regarding a congratulatory meeting. However, the team has got in touch with the capital city of Ottawa.

Speaking to Sportsnet 590 The Fan radio station, Nurse said, “Definitely the Trudeau meeting, because they have been asking me about scheduling itI have heard nothing about the White House. We are Canada’s team anyway, right?”

Although he revealed that he meeting was going to take place, the Toronto Raptors coach was coy on the details. To be precise, it was unclear on who would attend the meeting or when it would happen.

Nurse also dodged the question about meeting U.S. President Donald Trump. Instead, he redirected the question to lead back to Trudeau.

The 51-year old said, “We are here. Let’s go see Trudeau up in Ottawa.”

Nurse also spoke about how Monday’s victory parade helped boost the confidence of the Toronto Raptors.

According to him, they were moved by the enthusiasm of the fans, especially youngsters and the diversity of the crowd.

“What struck me the most was ‘Gee, everybody from the age of six to 18 is here,’” he said. “And such diversity. It was really something to see a sea of young people who were so excited and showing such nationalistic pride.”

At the victory parade Trudeau declared that the victorious Toronto Raptors united all of Canada.

On Friday, he tweeted “And that’s how we do it in the North”. This was almost immediately after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, to become the champions.

The prime minister also tweeted a photo of himself with two of his children and the family dog watching the final game at home.

Even the Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, offered his congratulations to the Toronto Raptors on their “historic win.”

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