Williams F1

The opening practice session of the Baku 2019 GP got off to a chaotic start with a signature red flag. As it turns out, George Russell was the first casualty of the day when his Williams F1 car ran over a drain cover.

As many know, a love affair between an F1 car and a drain cover never ends well and Russell found out the hard way. The underside of the car was wrecked and he had to retire.

But the drama was yet to begin at the time, and it was awkward to say the least. As it turns out, the truck that was transporting Russell’s stricken Williams F1, was a little too tall for the circuit.

The truck smacked the underside of a bridge while heading back to the pit lane. Afterwards, another video showed oil leaking from the truck into the car. It was certainly fortunate that the car did not catch fire or else it would have caused further headaches for the Williams F1 team.