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Twitch Finally Responds to the Ongoing ‘Hot Tub Meta’

Published 04/30/2021, 4:58 AM EDT

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Hot tubs have suddenly become the bone of contention among the streamers and millions of viewers on Twitch. Apparently, a plethora of creators on the platform have been streaming in bathing suits and hot tubs lately. Such streams have gained a massive amount of attention, which includes support and criticism equally.

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Big names like Ninja and xQc have talked about the viral ‘hot tub’ streams on Twitch, and have called out the streaming service for not taking strict action on such creators.

After weeks of anticipation, the Head of Twitch Community Productions, djWHEAT, has opened up on the matter.


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Twitch expects the viewers to control the content they see

During a recent live stream, djWHEAT finally addressed when the chat heavily asked him about the hot tub meta.

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First and foremost, djWHEAT clarified that Twitch’s nudity and attire policy allow bathing suits in an appropriate context, and hot tubs fall under these criteria. However, explicit content is still not allowed on the platform, and can very well lead to bans.


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Secondly, djWHEAT admitted that some people are currently disappointed by the content on Twitch. He expects such viewers to ignore the ‘hot tub’ streams and advised them to use the ‘I am not interested’ button.

“Look, I know that this doesn’t solve everything. But there needs to be at least a solution for individuals that are like, ‘I see this content and I would prefer not to see this content'” said djWHEAT while explaining the feedback system on Twitch.

Lastly, the Twitch Community Productions Head urged the audience to actively report content that seems offensive to them. The Trust and Safety team exclusively works on these matters and is even improving the reporting structure constantly.

Community dissatisfied with Twitch’s response on ‘hot tub’ meta

While some fans agreed with djWHEAT, others have called him out for his response on the ‘hot tub’ meta.

A Twitter user expressed their anger by claiming that the executives have clearly not watched enough of such streams. They further ranted about Twitch’s ignorance towards its own TOS, and the ineffectiveness of the reporting system.

In response, djWHEAT again mentioned that he hasn’t seen over 2 minutes of those streams on Twitch because the platform grants him the freedom to not do so:


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Jake Lucky, from Esports Talk, covered djWHEAT’s views on the ‘hot tub’ meta in a recent video.


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All in all, it seems like Twitch wants its users to use their ‘power of choice’, and not content-shame anyone. The platform is constantly growing and might come up with a more grounded solution in the near future.

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