Twitch Streamer LilyPichu Offers Copyright Free Music for Streamers Even After Rust Drama

January 13, 2021 5:58 pm

OfflineTV (OTV) recently split the Rust server due to the rising toxicity between the streamers. Following the split, it also started offering in-game item drops as rewards to players for watching OTV members stream on Twitch. One of these members and Twitch streamer LilyPichu took a day off from streaming recently. Her break upset many people who hurled abuse at her.

Even after what could be one of the worst experiences of her streaming career, Lily remained calm and strong. Her response to the incident truly brought out her humility. The streamer, in her latest tweet, addressed the issue in the most forgiving manner possible.

After a thread explaining how Lily found the situation almost comical, she came forward to help her fellow Twitch streamer. For the unaware, Lily is also a musician who creates music on YouTube on her channel comfi beats. Regardless of the recent event, she went ahead to help her fellow Twitch streamers avoid the strict DMCA regime currently reigning over the streaming platform.

LilyPichu shares her music with Twitch streamers to avoid DMCA strikes

Lily has uploaded twelve different copyright free beats for streamers to use. While the collection is only good for about an hour, it is still worth a lot, considering how strict Twitch has been about the DMCA. Moreover, Lily has also promised that she will be coming out with new music really soon.

Back when the DMCA scare initially began, TSM Myth had suggested that streamers should come together and work on producing copyright free music. While Myth might have been joking at that moment, it indeed was a good piece of advice.

Many musicians such as Drake and T-Pain have allowed streamers to play their music on Twitch without worrying about the DMCA. However, this still doesn’t help much with the situation.

Streamers and musicians such as LilyPichu understand the pain of other Twitch streamers. However, they also have the ability to help others in this situation. All the streaming community needs are other musicians such as Lily to help tackle the DMCA problem.

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