Twitch Streamer Shares Scary Encounter That Forced Her to End Her Stream Abruptly

February 23, 2021 11:55 pm

Twitch as a livestreaming platform has more to it than gaming. The platform has other genres of livestreams such as IRL (In Real Life) content, cooking, and many more. One of the more chill and relaxing stream genres is the cooking streams. Amateurs and Professionals both try their hand at cooking, both for entertainment, and educating the average chef.

Tricia “Triciaisabirdy” Wang is one of top cooking streamers on the platform. The 27-year-old chef who trained at the famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris has one of the best streams for Japanese cuisines. But the full-time professional chef had to endure a nightmare on her stream live because of troubling nuisance.

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Unknown man breaks into Triciaisabirdy’s house live on Twitch

In her latest stream, Triciaisabirdy was streaming like most days. While cooking seared scallops with balsamic caviar, lemon curd and parsley oil, the stream had a very unusual moment when an unknown voice could be heard. Tricia was unsure on what was happening, but something felt definitely wrong.

Tricia at first couldn’t comprehend what was happening, which led her to ask her roommates. She asks the intruder to leave her house, who, in turn, asks her to come with him. After realizing that someone had broken into her house, she asked her roommate to call the police. Before the incident moves on further, Tricia ends her stream, leaving everyone worried about her.

More details on the incident

Tricia continued to update her viewers on the incident through her Twitter handle. She posted a tweet after the intruder was arrested by the police and believed that the person was mentally unstable. She told her fans that the intruder’s intention was to save her and called her a princess in need of help.

She posted another tweet of a video that showed the stalker standing on the furniture with her roommates standing around with objects to protect themselves. The person had arrived from her house’s garage and seemed like a potential threat to the members of the house. Although the encroacher did get arrested, Tricia was naturally terrified for her life. However, she told her viewers that she is doing alright at the moment.

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