Twitch Streamers Ran Into an Unexpected Hurdle While Streaming the Fortnite Galactus Event

December 2, 2020 6:29 pm

Twitch streamers felt the wrath of the DMCA guidelines while streaming the Fortnite Galactus Event. The event brought an end to the Marvel-themed season and was an exciting one to be a part of, but Twitch streamers faced several hurdles, with the copyright detection system constantly flagging their videos.

The use of an AC/DC song triggered Twitch’s copyright detection system. Acknowledging the issue, the Fortnite Status account admitted it couldn’t save the players from getting flagged.

As a countermeasure, Fortnite suggested the players mute their videos on demand (VODs) to protect themselves against strikes.

Fortnite couldn’t bring an end to copyright issues for Twitch streamers

The Galactus Event not only marked the end of season 4 but also brought about a ‘black hole’ transition. This transition had last come about at the end of Chapter 1 and was definitely a highlight of the event.

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An AC/DC song marked the players’ attack on Galactus during the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron-Esque flying sequence. ‘Demon Fire’ premiered in mid-November as part of a new album. It forced streamers, including DrLupo, to mute their video to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Twitch has been in news for all the wrong reasons lately. 2020 has been a pretty rocky year for Twitch streamers who have either received bans or have seen their videos getting flagged.

In multiple cases, Twitch has failed to provide a reason for the bans, leaving the streamers clueless. The most infamous incident remains that of Dr Disrespect’s ban from the platform.

In a statement released last month, Twitch released a statement apologizing for its poor response on the DMCA issue and reiterating the need for streamers to stop playing recorded music in their streams. As expected, streamers were quick to respond to this note. They urged the platform to come up with a better solution than forcing them to delete their respective videos.

However, in other news, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is live and the players can download the update to dive in!

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