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Twitter Calls for Action Against Twitch Moderator

Published 05/18/2020, 8:47 AM EDT

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Following the establishment of the Safety Advisory Council, comments made by FerociouslySteph has caused an uproar in the Twitch community. Earlier the streamer called for the removal of voice-chat, calling it unfair. Her follow-up comments on the backlash for that, ironically, caused a further uproar. The saga continued today as she made further comments today that led many users on twitter calling Twitch to take action against her.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Popular WoW Twitch streamer, Asmongold, had called her out following the comments on voice-chat and “cis-white men.”

“It’s ridiculous and at the same time this person can say negative things about white people and it’s fine, If I said that about black people or trans people I would be banned.”


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Popular Streamer Hits Out at Twitch for Hypocrisy

Twitter calls on twitch to take action

In her bid to silence those who were attacking her online, FerociouslySteph said something that brought on more hate. While her thoughts may not have been wrong, her choice of words sparked some serious anger. Popular YouTuber and streamer, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem tweeted out the clip that quickly garnered a ton of attention.

in the clip from her broadcast, the newly appointed moderator for Twitch warns certain people. Check out the clip for yourself.


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Gauging from the reaction, the use of phrases like “I have power” and “some people should be afraid of me” has rubbed many the wrong way. While many commented with just personal attacks on her, some were eager to point out the actual issues.

100T content creator, Froste too posted a clip of the same. According to Froste, the FerociouslySTeph has a God complex and hence, should not really be in a position of power. The debate on 100T Froste’s twitter feed was much more constructive.


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There is little doubt the new moderator for Twitch has upset many users for her opinion on voice-chat. Unfortunately, many of them attacked her on a personal level, causing her to lash out as well. And the whole episode has taken a complicated turn now. While her indignation is understandable, her choice of words not so much.

An unfortunate chain of events if you think about it.


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Let’s wait and watch what Twitch decides to do about the whole mess or if they’re happy to let it be.

Where do you stand on the issue? Who do you believe is in the right here?

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