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Twitter Hails Dipa Karmakar Performance, Makes India Proud

Twitter Hails Dipa Karmakar Performance, Makes India Proud

Indian fans were heart broken to see Dipa Karmakar missing a bronze medal by a whisker after her excellent performance at the vault finals. At the same time, it made people of India proud as she came from a country which doesn’t have any background in Gymnastics, let alone participating in the Olympics and qualifying in the finals and performing like that was excellent.

What Dipa attempted at the vault (Death Vault) has generally been the reason for gymnasts fracturing their necks in the process, but she did it elegantly and precisely. Her story is truly an inspiring one and that is why almost everyone who watched her in Olympics took a moment and expressed their feelings. She wrote a new chapter in Indian gymnastics, it was her and India’s best performance at the international event.

Dipa Karmakar missed out on an Olympic medal, but was never out of contention for a podium finish. She had a chance of winning a silver medal after finishing her performance but at the end was on fourth spot. She missed the bronze medal by mere 0.150 points.

Winnners from this event were USA’s Simone Biles who won the gold medal with a score of 15.966 while the silver went to Maria Paseka of Russia after her score of 15.253. Bronze was bagged by Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber for her score of 15.216.

Dipa even tweeted and shared her feelings after her performance


Twitter lauded Dipa Karmakar and everyone appreciated her as she made India Proud.





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