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Twitter Goes Crazy as Sebastian Vettel Takes Pole at the Canadian Grand Prix

Twitter Goes Crazy as Sebastian Vettel Takes Pole at the Canadian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel

He’s done it. He’s finally done. Sebastian Vettel has finally secured his first pole position of the 2019 season. And in what style and fashion. At Mercedes and Lewis’ strong house: Canada.

The guy came to this race with retirement rumours roaming on his head. But that did not distract him one bit. He still came into the weekend smiling, chirpy as usual. Positive as usual, despite his team falling out like a deck of cards. And right when everyone had called him off for Canada as well, he came out of nowhere to give Ferrari just their second pole position of the season and Vettel taking his first.

Naturally the Tifosi couldn’t control their happiness. This is how the Twitterati reacted:


Hamilton came home second and Charles Leclerc took third to complete a pretty good qualifying session for Ferrari. Surprisingly, Daniel Ricciardo pushed his Renault to fourth position, ahead of Gasly and even Bottas, who was the big shocker of the Qualifying session, considering his strong form off late.

Coming home seventh was Nico Hulkenberg in his Renault followed Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz of McLaren. 10th was the person who crashed out in Q2 and causing an early exit for Max Verstappen – Kevin Magnussen. He crashed right at the end of Q2, which meant while he qualified in 10th, Verstappen and fellow Haas driver, Romain Grosjean couldn’t come out of Q2 and ended up 11th and 15th respectively.

Sebastian Vettel will be really hoping to make some good sense of his pole position tomorrow. He is suffering miserably because of poor form receiving a lot of media backlash. These are testing times for Ferrari. And if Seb does not deliver tomorrow, things are bound to get more and more tough.

Whatever be the case, we at EssentiallySports, will have you covered for the Canadian Grand Prix

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