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Twitter reacts to Ferrari’s first win in Monaco after 16 years

Twitter reacts to Ferrari’s first win in Monaco after 16 years

The Monaco Grand Prix has just concluded and in traditional Monaco fashion it was a processional race but a couple of things did liven up the race.

The first one was that it was Ferrari’s first win in Monaco in 16 years. The last one was in 2001 courtsey Schumacher. Also, it was another Ferrari 1-2 of the season and in Monaco, the last time it happened was in 1998!


The race was a success for Ferrari but the order might leave a stinging taste in the mouth of many.

It was Vettel who took the top position after following his team-mate till the first round of pitstops but once Kimi pitted Vettel just blitzed the track pounding in 1.15s lap times while Kimi was stuck in traffic and that opened the gap for the German allowing him to take the lead.


Kimi came home second but his body language on the podium betrayed his non-expressive persona.

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Another person who made the most of an overcut was Ricciardo who was in 5th before the first round of pitstops but in clean air went second fastest and as a result jumped both his team-mate and Bottas to sit into P3.

The safety car and the cold tires did threaten his position but in the end, he held on.

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