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Twitter Reacts as Force India Duo Collide

Twitter Reacts as Force India Duo Collide


The Singapore GP lived up to its reputation of having a safety car appear in every race. This time, the ones who caused it were the Force India duo. Esteban Ocon attempted to overtake his teammate but the two collided.

This resulted in Ocon being bumped straight into the wall, with Perez continuing onward. In the chaos, Sergey Sirotkin’s Williams picked up some debris from the Force India. In 11 editions, the Safety car has now appeared 15 times at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The FIA stewards did investigate the incident but ruled that it was a racing incident.

This is not the first time that the pair have clashed on track. the 2017 season was riddled with clashes between the Frenchman and the Mexican. Things came to a head in Belgium 2017 and the team were forced to intervene. They managed to calm both of them down and even threatened to drop one of them.

Here is how Twitter reacted to the incident.


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