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Malaysian Qualifying: Read how the Twitter reacted

Malaysian Qualifying: Read how the Twitter reacted

So this is it. The last Malaysian Qualifying and tomorrow will be the last race the country will hold. 19 years of throwing crazy races at us and the streak continued this year as well.

2015 Vettel took the win and signaled his and Ferrari’s resurgence after an annus horriblis.
Last year Hamilton’s engine blew in a spectacular fashion becoming the pivotal point in the championship.
This year too the trend sort of continued as Vettel’s turbo gave away in Q1 and Ferrari couldn’t get it ready before the end of the session relegating the German to the back of the grid.

If Singapore did not put an end to his Championship chase, today almost certainly did.

Let’s see what the twitterati had to say on qualifying:

A good gesture by the German after a disappointing Malaysian Qualifying:

Once Vettel was eliminated, it was upto Kimi to stop the Merc from taking the top spot and it was pretty close between the Finn and Hamilton but the Brit prevailed by mere 0.045 seconds!

Lauda certainly agree:

So Kimi will start P2 and those who expected a cheeky Kimi comment weren’t disappointed.

The Kid prodigy is celebrating his 20th bday today! Being so close to the top step is definitely a good gift for him.

And once again classic Kimi 😉

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