Twitter Reacts to the Joe Rogan Comment on Gaming

July 27, 2020 5:51 pm

Joe Rogan has been trending a lot lately. While it may hit you as a surprise, Rogan isn’t a part of UFC 4. His statement, on his show, claiming that video games are a ‘waste of time’ has sparked off a heated debate on social media. Before working for UFC as a color commentator, Joe was a comedian, also working on TV shows. He has worked as a commentator alongside many other co-hosts but the charisma he brings to the fold when a fighter is on the verge of a knockdown or submission is beyond parallel.

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What really happened

During an episode of his renowned podcast, ‘Joe Rogan Experience’, he was conversing with Joe De Sena on how it’s important for kids to be challenged with sports. He described video games as “a real problem.” 

He went on to say, “You do them, and they’re really exciting, but you don’t get anywhere. You [could be] doing something exciting and fun, or you could just be playing f***ing video games.”

These comments sparked a controversy on social media, with many over the world expressing their anger and dejection.

Twitter users react to the Joe Rogan comment

Responding to Joe Rogan’s comments, Twitter users went berserk.

Amidst all this drama, Ninja took to Twitter to share his views on the same.

While Joe Rogan’s comments did spark off a huge debate, we don’t know to what extent he meant them. We will have to wait for further explanation to derive any possible outcome from what he said. Till then, let’s just wait.

And keep in mind, no hobby is a waste of time. Just make sure that you give your best, that’s all.

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