Twitter Recalled Ravi Shastri when Virat Kohli Referred to Suresh Raina as “Bhavesh”

November 7, 2019 1:30 am

Virat Kohli must have found his Twitter account flooded with wishes after his birthday on November 5. While there were many birthday wishes of different kinds, one wish caught the eye of a few netizens, not for the birthday wish, but for Kohli’s reply.

Suresh Raina, among many other Indian cricketers, wished Kohli on his birthday with a photo of the duo whilst playing for India.

A tweet from Suresh Raina, which contained a picture of Kohli and Raina batting together, read: “Happy birthday, brother Virat Kohli More runs, more power & more glory to you on your special day. Keep doing what you do. Best wishes, always”

A reply to it from Kohli’s official Twitter handle read, “Thanks Bhavesh.”

It’s almost as if people on social media are waiting for something like this to happen, that they react so quickly. People on twitter were quick to react to the reply by the Indian captain.

While a few tried to fit in the Indian team’s coach Ravi Shastri into context, a few others made reference to Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Adityanath (who had proposed to change the name of an Indian city).

The tweet from Kohli the had seen referring to Raina as “Bhavesh”

Here are a few of the hilarious replies to Virat Kohli’s tweet:

Looks like Ravi Shastri gift is working now.

— Akshay (@AkshayKatariyaa) November 6, 2019

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