Twitter Reacts to Ricciardo’s Brilliant Victory at the Monaco Grand Prix

May 27, 2018 8:50 pm

What a beautiful beautiful drive. Daniel Ricciardo, take a bow. With his MGU-H down at lap 26, he was 2s down on power per lap. Yet he managed to hold off Sebastian Vettel to take his first Monaco Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton managed to take third position having complained throughout the race with tire degradation. Kimi Raikkonen took fourth and Valtteri Bottas took fifth. Following them was Occon in sixth, Gasly in seventh, Hulkenberg in eighth and a charging Verstappen in ninth. Sainz rounded off the top 10.

With the victory at the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo now has 2 victories – as many as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Red Bull referred to the performance equivalent to that of Schumacher’s in 1995. Ricciardo was pretty emotional at the end taking in all the praises referring to his loss of victory in 2016.

Verstappen provided a healthy entertainment throughout the race. Despite the nature of the circuit, Verstappen managed to overtake quite a few cars, having started at the back of the grid. In the end he was involved in a frantic three way battle involving him, Hulkenberg and Gasly for 7th position, but couldn’t do much in the end. 9th position none the less will be an incredibly favourable result for him after a pretty foolish mistake in Free Practice 3 that saw him missing the entire part of qualifying. He was credited with the fastest lap of the race award as well.

Here is how Twitter reacted to Ricciardo’s brilliant drive at the Monaco Grand Prix:




The race saw only one official retirement – Fernando Alonso who had issues with his gearbox. Another was a crash between Charles Le Clerc and Brendon Hartley at the closing stages of the race.

This is what Ricciardo had to say post the race,  “I think I can show more emotion today than yesterday! Two years in the making – I finally feel like the redemption has arrived. We had problems, we had a lot to deal with during the race. I felt power loss and I thought the race was done. We got home just using six gears. I’m stoked.There were a few doubts that came in mid-race, but we’ve won Monaco – feels good, feels good.”


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