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August 10, 2016 11:05 am

Four years back, the greatest swimmer ever, made a rookie mistake to slip out on a gold, just by 5/100th of a second. Today, as Michael Phelps dived in with 2012 Gold Medalist Chad le Clos of South Africa, the tension was quite evident. But it was not a repeat of that painful defeat that Phelps suffered in London. The Baltimore Bullet won his third Olympic Gold in his signature 200m butterfly event, by a narrow margin of 0.04 seconds.

It was probably one of his greatest triumph ever! He was a couple seconds shy of his own world record, but that hardly mattered. What mattered was how this legendary American had made his way back to the top of the game, after retiring and going through rehabilitation, fighting addictions.

Finishing second in the semi finals yesterday, Phelps knew he had to extract every last ounce from his gigantic 6’4″ structure and he did just that. Leading all the way, Phelps roared silently to his 14th gold in an individual event, his 20th gold overall. And yes, we did witness him shedding a tear at the podium.

Later, he went on to win number 21, with his teammates during the 4×200 Freestyle relay. He anchored the relay and received a thunderous applause from the crowd after the playing of US national anthem.


Check out the beast reactions to the beast’s historic triumph



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