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Twitterati Blasts Shobhaa De on Pathetic Remark about Indian Players

Twitterati Blasts Shobhaa De on Pathetic Remark about Indian Players

India has failed to win any medals at Rio 2016. With the exceptions of the performances by gymast Dipa Karmakar to reach the final round and Abhinav Bindra missing bronze yesterday by 0.1, other chances have been looking  low for India. The die hard fans are still rooting for the Team and hoping we will get a medal very soon.

To be honest, it’s wrong to blame Indian athletes when there’s a lethargic bureaucracy which is corrupt and inept at the same time and an athlete winning a medal actually means overcoming more odds than most of their counterparts across the world and that’s why most of us stay away from mocking athletes for this reason. Columnist Shobhaa De doesn’t live by the same rule of moral probity that deems it unkind to hit those down below the belt as she curmudgeonly lashed out at Team India athletes in Rio. She mocked the Indian players participating at the Rio Olympics, after some of them came close to winning a medal but couldn’t get past the final hurdle.

Here is what She tweeted

The comments seem to be in bad taste and not very well thought out, at a time when there are athletes still competing for medals. We Essentially Sports Strongly Condemn Shobhaa De’s Views and are very  proud of Team India.

As expected, there was an uproar over her comment as fans and sportspersons alike reacted in anger.



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