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Tyson Fury And Deontay Wilder Receives Ban From NSAC Ahead Of The Rematch

Tyson Fury And Deontay Wilder Receives Ban From NSAC Ahead Of The Rematch

Tyson Fury

After a war between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ended in a controversial draw, it was inevitable for the two to rematch. More than a year later, it is finally happening and we are less than two days away from the match. While the build-up to the fight has been an interesting one, a recent confrontation between the two boxers lead to a ban from facing each other after weigh-ins.

The final press conference between Wilder and Fury was full off drama. There were a lot of emotions going into the event. Things got heated pretty fast. Both boxers shoved each other after a verbal exchange. Security had to rush in to separate the two.


NSAC bans Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder face-off after weigh-ins

However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission was having none of it. The president of Top Rank issued a statement which said, “The Nevada State Athletic Commission has banned Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury from engaging in a face-off after the weigh-in for their heavyweight championship rematch on Friday afternoon”

He added, “In my 25 years in boxing I’ve never heard of an administrative body stepping in and prohibiting a face-off. It’s the pinnacle moment before the fight. I am just shocked.”

Fury’s co-promoter, Frank Warren was also unhappy with the situation. He found the entire situation ‘strange’ as there was no security separating the two.

He said, “It’s a stupid decision, the face-off is traditional. They should have had security at the press conference.”

The face-off after weigh-ins has been an old tradition in boxing as well as other combat sports.
With the matchday being so close, the organisers of the event should try their best to make the bout happen. In the world of combat sports, small actions can have big implications.

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