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UEFA club trophies in the 21st Century

UEFA club trophies in the 21st Century

European glory has normally been split between clubs of different nationalities across the UEFA Territory. However, since the 21st Century, Spain has been the dominating force in European Competitions and their trophy haul proves it. Here are the countries, whose clubs have won the most European Club trophies in football.

Only the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Super Cups are considered. The year 2000 will be included which means till date, 48 trophies in European football have been awarded since the year 2000.
1. Netherlands (1 out of 48)


The Dutch were once a powerhouse in European football. 3 clubs from the country have won the Champions League and Europa League and some of the finest footballers to have graced the game have come from this country. However, in the 21st Century, they seem like a forgotten force in European football,

Their last European trophy was won by Feyenoord, who won the Europa League in 2002. Since then, no Dutch team has managed consistent performances in both the Europa and Champions League.

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