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UEFA club trophies in the 21st Century

Published 09/04/2015, 5:58 PM EDT

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European glory has normally been split between clubs of different nationalities across the UEFA Territory. However, since the 21 Century, Spain has been the dominating force in European Competitions and their trophy haul proves it. Here are the countries, whose clubs have won the most European Club trophies in football.

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Only the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Super Cups are considered. The year 2000 will be included which means till date, 48 trophies in European football have been awarded since the year 2000.
1. Netherlands (1 out of 48)


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The Dutch were once a powerhouse in European football. 3 clubs from the country have won the Champions League and Europa League and some of the finest footballers to have graced the game have come from this country. However, in the 21 Century, they seem like a forgotten force in European football,

Their last European trophy was won by Feyenoord, who won the Europa League in 2002. Since then, no Dutch team has managed consistent performances in both the Europa and Champions League.

2. Ukraine (1 out of 48)

The sole trophy belongs to Shakhtar Donetsk who won the Europa league in 2009. They have been a regular feature in the Champions’ League group stages in the last few years and have got the occasional favourable result against some of the best teams in Europe.

They would be hoping that they can someday go past the round of 16 in the Champions League, but as of now can be happy to be the only Ukrainian side with a European Trophy in the 21 century.

3. Turkey (2 out of 48)

There is only one team that’s won a European club trophy. That’s Galatasaray S.K. who play in their stadium that has an infamous nickname of “Stadium of Hell”. They won the first ever European Trophy of the 21 century when they beat Arsenal in the UEFA Cup (now known as the Europa League) on 17 may. They then surprised everyone a few months later, beating European Powerhouses, Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup.

With more money and star players rolling into the Turkish Football, it might be possible that somewhere down the line, they might make a challenge in the Europa League.

4.  Russia (3 out of 48)

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The Russians have won a few trophies in the 21st century. Both Zenit and CSKA have made Champions League appearances in the group stage and have won the Europa League once each. Zenit even went ahead to beat Manchester United in the UEFA Super cup.

Maybe they would be hoping to progress in the Champions League knockout stages in the future, especially if they have a World Cup to be hosted, Russian teams would really want to know that their players and club can perform against the best.

5. Portugal (3 out of 48)


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Portugal is the first nation not from the top 5 European nations of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and England. With FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting CP are the only teams to have won European trophies from the country, Porto has been the only team from Portugal to win in the 21 century. Their haul is

Given the structure of European football and the power of money injected into the sport, Portuguese clubs are unlikely to really win something in the future.

6. Germany (3 out of 48)


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Germany have recently become a powerhouse with other teams like Schalke and Dortmund really putting a challenge in Europe. However, there is still Bayern Munich who still and look set to hold the title as the German Elite in Europe for the foreseeable future. Bayern have won the last set of European trophies won by a German Cup. The trophies are

With Germany finally having more participation slots in the UEFA club competition owing to their UEFA coefficient, maybe more clubs like Wolfsburg could join in the fray and maybe surprise the world.

7. Italy (5 out of 48)


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Historically, some of the greatest football teams have come from the Italian teams in the form of Inter Milan, Juventus and A.C. Milan. Milan in the early 21 Century was considered a fine team, and Inter Milan were the last Italian team to have won a European Trophy, winning the Champions League in 2010. Overall, Italy is somewhat on a downward spiral with little or no competition being offered by teams from this country apart from Juventus in the last few seasons. There have been five European Trophies won by Italian teams in the 21 century.

So, with both Milanese outfits not even in the Champions League in 2015/16 (when the match will be played at their stadium), and a new look Juventus not likely to really provide serious resistance in Europe, the downward trend for Italian football continues.

8. England (7 out of 48)


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There is a sharp jump down from Spain to the country with the second most number of trophies in European Club football. Goes to England. Home to the richest football league on the planet, English teams have won a total of seven European Club trophies in the 21 century. To their credit, they have also finished runners up several times, but it just highlights the stark contrast between the Spanish and other nations.

Only three English Clubs have trophies to their name in the 21 Century.

While many would say, the English League is overall the most competitive league, it can be said the elite teams of England are not really able to match the Elite of Spain. Maybe, Manchester City could someday make it deeper in European Competition.


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9. Spain (23 out of 48)


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Currently, all three trophies are in Spanish hands. They have won a total of 23 trophies (out of 48) European Trophies in the 21 century. They are the leaders in each of the three competitions. Five teams from Spain have won trophies in the 21 Century.


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So, Spain have maintained a continuous dominance in the European front and considering that since 2008, the Ballon d’Or has been awarded to a player of the Spanish League, fair to say the Spanish Elite are the global elite in the world of football.

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