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UFC 245: Colby Covington Doubles Down on Kamaru Usman Steroids Accusations, Provides His Sources

UFC 245: Colby Covington Doubles Down on Kamaru Usman Steroids Accusations, Provides His Sources

In one of the most anticipated fights of the year, Colby Covington takes on the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman in the main event of UFC 245. Going into the fight there is a lot of tension between the two welterweight elites. Colby Covington has issued many statements on Kamaru Usman. However, when he accused Usman of using steroids, he raised a few eyebrows in the MMA community. And now he comes out and provides leads to the story.

Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman were supposed to headline UFC 244 in Madison Square Garden. However, that fight fell apart. In a recent interview with The Schmo when asked about why the fight did not headline the MSG card Covington replied:

“I wanted to headline that fight card. But Marty Fakenewsman had to clear the EPO out of his system. So why don’t you go and ask Marty fake newsman?”

Colby Covington

Covington was not the only one Usman turned down to fight on UFC 244. Covington continued:

“It was not just me he turned down. He turned down Leon Scott, he turned down journeyman, Jorge Masvidal. So he did not want to fight anybody in New York. And he is not gonna want to fight anybody after this weekend in Vegas.”

Providing credibility to his accusations Covington stated:

“I have heard a lot of second hand from a lot of his training partners. They know for a fact that he is on EPO. He has been doing steroids his whole career. I think his strength coach is a doctor. Also one of his training partners used to give all the guys steroids in the MMA world.”

Covington first made this accusation during the fight week for UFC 244.  “There is a reason I am not fighting this weekend. You might wanna ask this guy. He pissed hot. he could not pass a piss test. So that’s the real reason. He had to get EPO out of his system for this weekend.” said Covington during the media event before UFC 244.

Well, as long as Usman passes the tests of USADA there is no doubting him. However, it’s hard to say whether Covington is trying to play mind games with these repeated accusations.

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